Professional Auto Electrician: Quality Diagnostics & Repairs

Professional Auto Electrician: Quality Diagnostics & Repairs


Efficient ECU Mobile Coding Service: Unlock Performance with Limitless Possibilities Call Our Mobile Team On 07442164735.

Vehicle Security Solutions: Dashboard and ECM Immobiliser Services Optimizing Performance: Fuel System and Injection Pump,

Discover the Expertise of Our Mobile Car Diagnostic Team

At our company, we boast a skilled team of technicians who are committed to enhancing your customers' automotive experiences. Our dedicated and growing team collaborates, tapping into a wealth of collective knowledge and skills to offer a service that's unparalleled and just a phone call away through our Mobile Car Diagnostic Service.

Key Programming Expertise Rely on our adept locksmiths to skillfully program your keys using our specialized scripts and programming methods.

Module Programming Mastery Whether it's headlights, tow bars, or new ECU installations, we possess the capability to seamlessly program these components into the vehicle you're working on.

Advanced Diagnostics Solutions If you find yourself grappling with an automotive issue, consider seeking a second opinion from our network of seasoned diagnostic technicians.

Comprehensive Collision Repairs and Beyond From radar module coding to crash data resets and steering rack coding, our services go beyond the ordinary to assist in expanding your business. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Despite offering a comprehensive range of mobile services that cater to various automotive needs, we specialize in serving all of London and its surrounding areas. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Welcome to our Dashboard and Module Programming Services!

## Automotive Services

### Electronic Control Systems

- **Immobiliser Programming**

- **Fuel/Injection Pump Configuration**

- **Fuel Pressure Regulator Calibration**

- **ECM/ECU Immobiliser Integration**

- **ECM/ECU Build Coding**

### Safety and Security

- **SRS/Airbag/Restraint Module Programming** (Pre-tensioners, airbags, ECUs, etc.)

- **New & Existing Key/Remote Programming and Coding**

### Vehicle Comfort

- **Central Convenience Module Configuration**

- **Comfort Control Module Programming**

### Performance and Stability

- **ABS Module Integration**

- **Air Suspension Calibration**

### Powertrain and Engine Management

- **Fuse Box Module Programming**

- **SBC Pump Configuration**

- **EGR Adaptation Services**

- **Initial Startup Module Configuration**

- **Engine ECU/ECM Full Updates and Flash Programming**

### Transmission and Drivetrain

- **Automatic Transmission Updates, Re-calibration, and Adaptation Programming**

### Additional Services

- **Air-con Module Integration**

- **MAP Sensor Adaptation**

- **Diesel Injector Programming**